Trump VS Covid-19

Trump VS Covid-19


Donald Trump had covid. How did he handle it? We have not got a lot of information from Donald nor the hospital. But all we know is that he handled it well and came back home on monday with only being in the hospital for a couple days well most people have it for 2-4 weeks weeks or even longer.


He tested positive the day after the big debate between him and vice president Joe biden. And he and his wife and one member of his team got coronavirus. Everyone has prayed for them and the praying has helped.


Everyone was ever surprised that he got it since he has said that the corona virus is fake that no one needs to wear macks. So people are mad and angry that he has said that since him getting it. And he has said you don’t need to worry about it cause it is not that bad.



Known people are wanting to know how he got out of the hospital so fast but we are still getting no answers. So we will not know till we get the answer to our questions. And every one or at least me wants to know how and if this will affect anyone.


And will he take covid real now or will he be doing the same stuff that he has always done.