Is New York going to be a waste land

  Is New York going to to be a waste land 


In New York right now there is a big waste land people are just throwing out their trash. And it shows how bad the world has become. And we thought the riots were bad but this shows that we can’t have control of the world right now.


And no one‘s thinking of what we should do because you’re just busy with politics. But why don’t we think of the environment that we are letting this happen in if it was us and no one cared about it.


It has got so bad that the trash is piled up to 20 stories high but still no one‘s talking about it. It has gotten so bad after they closed the dumps in 2001. But no one has thought about opening the dump backup. 


If people just thought of the other things that are going on in our world we could make things better and better for the environment . The dump is something that’s OK for the world and not just gonna let it be a wasteland. Will target people to think that it’s OK to just throw out your waist and it’s not gonna go into the oceans but that’s the first place it goes people are throwing their ways into the dumpling and it’s turning into a wasteland because of the dump.