Heat vs Lakers Game 3

The Los Angeles Lakers have been hyped up since the superstar teamup of Lebron James and ex NOLA Pelican Anthony Davis. During the regular season the Lakers were dominant, with a regular season record of 53-19, 1st in the west. 

Despite James and Davis being the most dominant duo in the league, they are also well equipped with other weapons on the team. This list includes Rajon Rondo a well respected veteran, Danny Green a 2 time champion and corner specialist, Dwight Howard who has stepped up coming off the bench as the board man, and the young and energetic Kyle Kuzma.

A line up as dominant as that is very difficult to deal with, it is a well balanced breakfast of shooters, playmakers, and bigs that use their size to their advantage. In the first 2 games against the Miami Heat in the NBA finals, the Lakers dominated and showed that their size, strength, skill, and athleticism are unmatched.

That is until a man named Jimmy Butler activated “Dog Mode” in game 3. Butler has been traded around and his talent has been doubted as of late, but he showed why he is tough to deal with last night. 

 Despite being accompanied by rising superstar Tyler Herro, Butler and the Heat were missing important pieces with Bam Adebyao and Goran Dragic being out with injuries. However, this didn’t faze Butler, he went on an absolute scoring spree ending the night with 40 points. That’s not all though, Butler also racked up 11 rebounds and 13 assists, making him one of three players to ever score a 40 point triple double in a finals game.

Butler’s competitive nature and determination carried the heat to a 115-104 win against a dominant and healthy Lakers team. He did this by driving into the paint, taking on 3 or 4 defenders at a time, weaving between players to get layups, and stifling a Lebron James come back on the defensive end of the court. The Heat had 53 points in the paint. 40 of them were Jimmy Buckets.

Now that we know about Butlers capabilities, it will be interesting to see how he performs against an angry Lebron James and Anthony Davis who will want to bounce back from his poor performance last night. If the Heat can get healthy and Butler can keep these unbelievable performances up, then the Heat have a shot at staying with the Lakers in this finals match up.