The Fate of Tiktok

Tiktoks fate has been a mystery in the past months. The app which has attracted millions of users of all ages has been growing in popularity since 2018, and hasn’t stopped growing since. A large portion of Tiktoks users come from the United States, roughly 100 million active users. As these numbers are impressive and the app seems relatively harmless, providing enjoyment and entertainment for many, it may not be all that it seems.


The developers of the app are a company called Bytedance, a chinese company. According to the Trump administration the chinese government has been using the popular app to reportedly spy on millions of americans, the argument being that the app uses a lot of other information on your device.


This prompted the Trump administration to act quickly and threaten to ban the app from the U.S. entirely. Many americans were outraged by this as Tiktok has been a huge influence on the culture of the U.S., the app has influenced trends, dances, movies, and much of today’s popular music.


However, for Tiktok users out there the app might be saved. A tech company named Oracle, who is responsible for many software innovations, has reportedly collaborated with Walmart to make it possible for Tiktok headquarters to be in the U.S. The president has reportedly approved this deal saying “I have given the deal my blessing, I approve the deal in concept.”


It is no surprise that a deal was struck to keep the app in the U.S., it is one of the most popular apps in the world after all. The real question is that did Trump do this on purpose? Is the timing with the new deal and his approval of it just a coincidence? Or was it planned to boost his popularity for the upcoming election? Whatever the case I can safely say that many people are happy to have Tiktok back and it looks, at the moment, like it is here to stay.