Ice age bears

 Ice age bears 


They went to the ice to look but what they found was unbelievable they found an ice age bear in the ice over 39,900 years old it is so crazy to think about that but they found one. What could it be from maybe it was hiding from anyone or everyone and froze.

  People want to know why it is there and what happened to it and not knowing anything hopefully I can help to tell you some stuff about it. The bear was just a bear head. It’s so crazy to know people can find something that they are crazy about.


But people want and need to know more about things that are going on in this world because people do not know alot anymore and it’s so sad to not know what is going on in the world.And sometimes it is sad to know but it is good to know.


It was found in Russia and it is about 39,900 years old. That is what people are saying and news articles are saying but not being something that knows all of it. It is hard to tell you all about it. People are not as worried about it and I understand that with all that is going on in the world like the fires and the present election. 


To me I find it cool that there is something this old from someone that is finding some of thi. This is a great discovery that some people think is really cool. I would ever think that something so cool would be discovered in 2020 how bad has been in the world.


To end this all up people really don’t care about this but it is something better this year 2020. That a 39,900 years old bear that was found in Russia is really cool and a great discorvere.