California Wildfire

Almost every  year California has a wildfire or just a small fire. This year the fire was deadly and is still going on. Although it has burned 254,000 acres of land in california, it is not the largest wildfire. In 2020 a wildfire called August Complex Fire which burned 471,185 acres of land. Even though this fire is not the largest wildfire, it has caused a lot of damage. So far only 3 people have died, 100 were rescued (tuesday night), 5 people were saved but severely burned. On Wednesday night 12 people went missing. The fire has destroyed 2,000 structures and has “threatened” thousands more. 


In 2020, there have also been 3 other wildfires in california that are on the top 5 largest wildfires in California. All 3 in August 2020, at #1 known as August Complex, with 471,185 acres damaged. At #3 known as SCU Lightning Complex, with 396,624 acres damaged. At #4 known as LNU Lightning Complex, with 363,220 acres damaged. There are many more within just 2020 on the top 20 largest california wildfires that have caused a lot of damage.

The way people are describing this wildfire is not great. Some talk about all the ash falling (which is a lot). There is also a recent twitter post about an immigrant fathers store (village market). He had this store to give his kids everything they needed and have tons of opportunities in life, they also said he would often work 80 hours per week. 

This wildfire started off by a gender reveal party and spreaded from there. The family tried to stop the fire by grabbing water but the fire just continued to grow. Since this fire, 80% wildfires in california have been started by humans. “People need to be more aware of their surroundings” -CNN. The person who lit the flame for the gender reveal is the one being charged. 3 laws were violated, there could also be felonies, and penalties will vary. The father of the baby was an off-duty border patrol agent. 

64,000 people were forced to evacuate, which wasn’t helping the situation with covid-19. The color of the sky were said to be weird orange colored, with massive smoke clouds, with worse air quality. Including this wildfire, the other 5 wildfires going on at the moment are on the top 20 wildfires in state history. This wildfire has caused wildfires in different states near them that now have more dangerous air quality and worse wildfires. People predict the wildfire “season” to get worse.