The Tragic Death of George Floyd

9:25 a.m., May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota a  man was killed by a police officer, unfairly and brutally, this man was George Floyd. This preventable act caused an outbreak of riots and protests across the country. Thousands of people went to the streets to express their anger and sorrow with the situation.  During these riots police stations were burned down, citizens were killed, also looting, and vandalism occurred.


George Floyd was a 46 year old black man from North Carolina, but his mother moved the family to Houston when he was 2, so she could search for work. Floyd grew up to be a star player for the football team at Jack Yates high school. The team used to call him “Big Friendly”. If someone said something to him his head would drop he wasn’t one to fight. 


He was an influence to the kids around his neighborhood, according to the Chicago Tribune, he once told them, “I’ve got my shortcomings and my flaws and I ain’t better than nobody else,” he says. “But, man, the shootings that’s going on, I don’t care what ‘hood you’re from, where you’re at, man. I love you and God loves you. Put them guns down.”


George Floyd was killed by officer, Derek Chauvin, after he kneeled on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, after he was accused of using a fake $20 bill to buy cigarettes. 


This action caused an explosion of outrage against this police station. This whole situation could have been avoided if the police officers that were involved didn’t make this decision to kill a man without even knowing if he is responsible or not.


I believe that everyone who was a part of George Floyd’s death might be racist because for the gas station worker, she might not have called the police against him if he was a white man because our world has stereotyped black people to be aggressive criminals, and white people to be the opposite. Same goes for the police men who kneeled on his neck til he died.


All the riots and protests are worth it because an innocent man was killed and he deserves justice for what happened to him. Maybe these protesters shouldn’t be using violence and vandalism to express their anger but they should maybe do peaceful protests, protests where they stand up for what they believe in without destroying public property.