Tropical Strom/Hurricane Delta

As a tropical storm is hitting Mexico, it moves up it is getting stronger and stronger, turning into a hurricane and going towards the United States. This tropical storm has done a lot of damage to the lower part of Mexico and has left them with nothing. Most people are living on the streets and have lost their homes and families (from passing away or from them going missing). As of October 7th, from getting stronger, it is already a category 3 hurricane.


Streets have been flooded (up to 15 inches of rain). 200,000 buildings have been left without power. A building that has had nothing happen to it in 37 years, got damaged from this hurricane. A section of the southern border wall crashed because of the high winds. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and President Trump granted the states request for emergency disaster relief. Due to the coronavirus, the hospitals were already close to max-capacity and couldn’t take in as many people as hoped. The Huston, Texas deputy director said that this hurricane is a test for Mexico to see how well they can handle a disaster while trying to limit the spread of the virus. 


The winds intensified 70 mph in the first 24 hrs before it hit Mexico which has been the record since 2005. Along Mexico Riviera Maya, thousands of residents have been evacuated with 160 shelters open just in Cancun. As well as some hotels rooms have been offered as shelters while others are able to go to shelters. Families that have been staying in the hotels are scared because they don’t know how this is going to end for them and they say the hotels are more dangerous because of the strong winds.


Some forecasters have said that when the storm hit Mexico, the wind speed got stronger and went up to 140 mph. As it turns into a hurricane and hits the United States, it would be the 10th named hurricane in the U.S. It was tied with 1916 with 9 tropical systems to hit the United States. They say it will hit South Louisiana more than any other part of the United States. 6 weeks ago, a different storm had hit Louisiana but was more damaging as a category 4 hurricane. 


This storm is more than one-and-a-half million cubic yards but yet is still continuing to grow. As it continues to grow, more things are getting damaged with more people getting hurt, resulting in this, the Red Cross is preparing at the Gulf Coast with shelter and relief supplies for those in need. This hurricane is not only doing damage to cities and homes, people are at risk of the virus and also losing a lot of family members because of the hurricane. 


The storm is very strong with winds of now 84 mph in 24 hrs. It is getting stronger and by day turning into a category 4. This hurricane started off by just being a small storm but ended up being a tragic mess for many families and cities.