Trump Bans TikTok

Trump Tried To Ban TikTok

Brianna Saldana

On September, Wednesday the 15th, Trump announced that he was going to ban tik tok on the following Sunday (20th). He was saying that if someone didn’t buy it, it would be banned, but that wasn’t the case in the end. Tik Tok filed a suit against Trump saying that Trump’s order didn’t provide any evidence saying that Tik Tok was a national security threat. 


Tik Tok committed to many things for us people compared to many other apps, such as third-party audits, verification code of security, US oversight, US data of security. Because of this, Tik Tok has been the second largest market outside of China (1st being a ban in India). They got analysis from the sensor Tower showing that Tik Tok had 7.6 million installs per month. Due to the banning of Tik Tok, more people wanted to download it, 247,000 more people downloaded on Friday, with an increase of 12% from Thursday. 

Not only was the Trump administration wanting to ban Tik Tok, but they wanted to ban WeChat, these two apps are chinese owned apps. Saying that they were going to ban in on Sunday at midnight. Tik Tok was being used by more than 100 million people in the U.S. They want to ban WeChat because they don’t want us using it for processing transactions or hosting its internet traffic. The reasoning for Tik Tok being banned is due to Trump saying that it collects data from the American users from the Chinese Government. Administration has filed up to 1 million dollars and 20 years in prison for violating the restrictions. 


On November 12, something similar to what is going on right now with Tik Tok, will happen again, unless the company can prove that Tik Tok is not a threat to the U.S. national security. They say Tik Tok is thinking about making a deal to have some control transferred to the American Software Maker. The commerce Department said if Tik Tok can resolve the administration’s national security concerns, before the November deadline, they will take off the prohibition against Tik Tok. 


In China, they are not allowed to use other famous products such as youtube, google, whatsapp, and facebook. Tik Tok was not only being banned in the United States but has already been banned in India. One of the only ways for Tik Tok to not be banned is for Apple and Google to buy it, this way it is runned by an American producer. If they fail to follow the rules, they will face civil or criminal penalties. Apple and Google did not comment back to this, as they said in the past, they comply with the local laws in which country they serve. 


In the end, Tik Tok made a deal with Trump. This deal was that the U.S tech company Oracle and Walmart to make a new entity called TikTok Global. Although they made this deal, the original Chinese company owner ByteDance is going to own the majority of TikTok.