Animal Crossing: New Horizons

During this quarantine I’ve only done school work, and play video games really. One game I got that I’ve been sucked into is Animal Crossing. I’ve been obsessed with this serotonin filled game.

Personally I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game and I’m very disappointed I haven’t. The old games used to be a lot less giving than the new ones but I still think I’d love it just as much.

In these games you act as a mayor in a town (in the newest game an island) and take care of it, pulling weeds, planting flowers, making buildings and collecting villagers. It’s a very time consuming game and there seems to always be something to do.

In this newest game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your character gets on a plane and flies to an island, where you are greeted by Tom Nook, a Tanuki that owns a very successful business called Nook Inc., and he gives you a tent and a place to stay as well as a huge amount of debt you’re told to pay off.

Throughout the game you can get many achievements. You can unlock a museum and donate various fossils, fish and bugs to an owl named Blathers. Later on you can also unlock an art part of the museum from buying art from a shifty fox named Redd, but beware he also sells fake art as well.

You can also find villagers which are different animals that will move in and out of your island. You can either find them from buying Nook Miles Tickets and fly around to various islands looking for them, or you can later set up a campsite, where villagers will come and go as they please. If they are at your site you can ask them to stay on your island. Personally my favorite part is to see what cute villagers I’ll have waiting for me, but sometimes they will just move in if you have a plot open.

There are also many merchant characters you can see and sell your stuff too. There is a lizard named Flick who loves bugs and will make you art pieces of them if you give him 3 of the same kind. Flick’s partner CJ loves fish and broadcasting. He will give you prizes if you catch three of the same sized fish and if you give him 3 fish he will give it to Flick to make a sculpture. There’s Leif, a sloth that sells flowers as well as Sahara which is a camel that sells rugs, wallpaper and flooring. There is Redd that I mentioned before who does paintings as well as rare furniture. There’s Timmy and Tommy that sell furniture and other goods, the Able sisters one a clothing store. There are many more as well.

Personally I love this game and how much free will there is to do anything you want. There is so much customization and editing you can do to make your Island and character just how you like. There are monthly events so there’s always something to do.