Final Fantasy VII: REMAKE

During this quarantine I’ve been playing new games that have been coming out since I have more time to now than I ever did. One game that I beat over this quarantine was the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

My whole life has been surrounded by the Final Fantasy franchise and I hold it very close to my heart. It has gotten me through the hard times throughout my life and made me actually happy through those times, so I thought it would be a good time to get the game and play it through this hard time.

I played the first Final Fantasy 7 in its whole 1997 glory. The blocky bodies and picture like backgrounds that never moved. It was very close in my heart. I would watch my dad and brother play it over and over. They knew all the little cheats and secrets on how to beat the game. Going into the remake I was very excited. I thought it was going to be just like the old one only in better graphics, but it is much different. The story line is a bit all over the place compared to the other, but separately they both fit well.

In the original game it starts off as Cloud, an ex-Shinra (which is basically the government) soldier turned gun for hire. A team called Avalanche has hired him to help them take down the Shinra. Shira is basically a super cooperation that is taking the Earth’s “Mako” which is basically the planet’s life and turning it into electricity and power for all of Midgar (the city where this all takes place). Cloud and Avalanche are going on a stealth mission to go and destroy a mako reactor, which helps take it from the Earth. One boss fight later, it blows up and then you end up in the slums and meet a new character named Aerith. (I love her very much.)

The remake is similar in the fact that Avalanche blows up a reactor but you don’t meet up with Aerith until much later in the game after Avalanche blows up a second reactor (which doesn’t even happen in the first game).

The new game only covers a very small amount of the map compared to the original game. In the original game it travels all over the country, but in the remake you only stay in Midgar. It goes through the many different sectors, but that is it.

Another difference is that there is a new character named Chadley. Back in the original Aerith used to be able to use a skill called summon. With that she would call upon gods to help you in battle. In the new game they added Chadley, he has cloud go off and do “research” on enemy’s for him and in return he give him matera (basically harnessed Mako that can be used in battle) and battle simulations so he fan gain summons, so anyone in your part can do it and not just Aerith.

Overall I’m happy with both of the games and excited for all the addons for the new game.