Frozen 2 Movie Review

Frozen 2 is a Disney animation that came out November 22, 2019. Yes, this review is a bit late, but it is here now. Frozen 2 is the sequel to Disney’s Frozen. Frozen came out in 2014.


Frozen 2 was an excellent movie for being a sequel. The story was good and kept the audience captivated, and looked excellent. As far as animating goes, it looked really good. It was definitely a step up from the first Frozen. Through the details in the animation the watcher was able to feel like it was more real, and therefore be more involved in the movie.


The story in Frozen 2 was captivating and kept the audience entertained while also providing a good story. The story for Frozen 2 was interesting because it was about the history of  Arendelle. The two girls end up figuring out some interesting family history and realize that they need to fix the wrongs of their grandfather. Before the two royals entered the enchanted forest, they couldn’t understand why the Northuldran would want to fight the Arendellian kingdom.

This journey helped clear up the past of Arendelle and in the end helped free the forest and help Arendelle in the long run.


Throughout the movie, the pair of sisters were tested on their friendship, and their strength. This can be seen whenever Elsa goes off without Anna in any case, not just the scene where she literally pushes Anna away so she can go to Attaullah. Anna spends the whole movie essentially worrying about Elsa, thinking she wasn’t strong enough to challenge anything that came in their way. Thankfully at the end of the movie, Anna was able to see Elsa was able to take care of herself.


By Anna and Elsa were forced out of their kingdom and into the enchanted forest with Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff, Elsa was able to find a part of herself she would not have been able to find if they were not forced out. As children Anna and Elsa learned about the four spirits and the enchanted forest, the spirits were earth, fire, air, and water. However they were never told about the mysterious fifth spirit. After Queen Iduna and King Agnarr had Elsa and realized she had powers, they tried to find out where she may have gotten them. Their guess was Attaullah, and they both went and died trying to figure out where she got her powers. Elsa however ended up getting to Attaullah by taming the water spirit. When she arrived she learned the secrets about Arrendelle’s past, and she learned that she was the fifth spirit. She ended up freezing but because Anna broke the dam, the magical spell over the forest broke and that ended up freeing Elsa as well. Elsa got back just in time to save Arendelle.