Corrupted From The Inside

Retired detective Reynaldo Guevara is being accused of framing more than 50 people. 20 people have been exonerated, 14 in prison and 16 have completed their sentence. According to many, he beat people into making a false confession and pressured many witnesses into lying about seeing certain people at murder scenes. People have been pushing for years for Guevara’s case to be reviewed and it finally was. She has stood in front of a court many times and often during these times he would ask for an appeal or something along those lines. Every time he was seen as unguilty and got away with his heinous crimes. So for it to finally be reviewed is a huge deal. But the sad thing is that this isn’t the first time that the Conviction Integrity Unit has had police misconduct allegations. A man by the name of Ronald Watts was convicted of stealing drug money during an undercover sting and not only that he planted drugs on residents. What makes this worse is that some of the people who have been framed by Guevara and other corrupted cops have been in there for years on end, like two sons who were framed and put behind bars in 1997 and who are still there. 


The worst part about hearing about is that it’s not that uncommon of a thing. A good example of this is the show Unbelievable, in this show, a girl is raped and the cop doesn’t believe her. The girl was going through tons of mental abuse from over her lifetime and this cop convinced her to say it was all fake. Later in the show, the rapist was caught after he raped tons of different girls and had gotten away with it. The cop tried to ask for forgiveness and was never given it because he didn’t deserve it. If I remember right he gets fired too and lives on with the guilt. I think the show really displays how corrupt some cops can be. A study in 2014 was conducted and it found on a 1-5 scale that 3.2 cops were found to be corrupted globally. That is over half of them.  Another study found that 1100 times a year a cop was arrested which is 3 cops per day. 


This kind of thing has been going on for years and seems to often be pushed under the rug. It’s a bigger thing than most people are acknowledging, innocent people spend their lives in prison because of these corrupted cops. This is not something that should go under talked about or seen. People need to start seeing this and doing something about it more often than we have been. In my opinion, there should be many tests and more things looked into to make sure a cop does become corrupted before they are hired. There are often many causes for why a cop could become corrupted and these are things that should be considered and looked into.