Jack The Ripper

What appears to be a simple case of a murder spree is more, Jack The Ripper is a well-known name that many have heard but many have no idea about. There were only 5 murders but it is believed that there were more or at least that more were caused. Not just that the murders had a huge impact on society, he helped people to notice the wealthier citizens and their social conditions when the poor, crime-ridden were focused on before. 


During the 19th century; August 9th-November 9th 1888 Jack The Ripper killed 5 women in the Whitechapel district in London. It is unsure if he had more victims than that since he was never caught but we will get into that later. It is hard to know who was the first victim, there are a possible 3 who is believed to be his first victim, Emma Smith, Martha Tabram, and Mary Nicholas. Mary Nicholas is believed to be the first victim though out of the three of them. Mary’s head had almost been cut clean off and she had been disemboweled. Next up is Annie Chapman who was also disemboweled but this time we know that the killer made off with her womb. The third is Elizabeth Stride, this one is weird because her body wasn’t disemboweled like the previous two so it is believed that the murder wasn’t finished and the killer had been interrupted. Fourth, Cathrine Eddowes like Annie she was found missing her uterus but she got it bad. Her face was mostly targeted and she also lost her left kidney. The last known victim, Mary Kelly who had been skinned to the bone. 

On July 17th, 1889 it was believed that Jack The Ripper had returned. Alice Mckenzie was murdered and when found she was all cut up. A wound going from her upper chest to her lower abdomen. After much looking into it, it had not been Jack according to many because the wounds weren’t severe enough. Then on February 13th, 1891 Frances Coles was murder, and whilst people were suspicious that this could’ve been Jack The Ripper’s work, a man was convicted for the murder.


Now for the suspects, the thing about the suspect list is that it always keeps growing. There are at least 10 popular suspects but they’re at least over 100 total. It was believed that Jack the ripper had medical knowledge so many medical students were looked into but they all had been cleared from being him. Butchers were also looked into because no one could figure out if he was a butcher or a slaughterman. Overall 300 people were investigated and 80 were put into police custody. 


In the end, it is a really weird murder that happened, even if it wasn’t gruesome it ended up being weird in the end.