Too Hot To Handle

In January 2020 Netflix started adding a lot of dating shows to their website. The most interesting of these shows is “Too Hot To Handle”. In the show 10 single people are put on an island. They must stay on the island for a month without physical contact. No kissing and no touching. If they break these rules they risk losing money from the total prize of $100,000. The point of the no kissing and touching rule is so that the contestants will be forced to form meaningful relationships and learn that there are more important things in a relationship. However the show itself is kind of ridiculous.


In the show the contestants must go a full month without having any form of physical or sexual contact. That may be hard for some people, but the contestants on the show make it seem impossible. For example contestants Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. From the very first episode Jowsey and Farago had their eyes set on each other. In only the second episode they broke a rule. They kissed. This cost the group to lose $3,000. Jowsey then tells everyone Farago was the one who kissed him and it was her fault. Rather than being a grown up and trying to explain what really happened Farago kisses another contestant as revenge and blames it on two other contestants.


About halfway through the show the producers gave the contestant special watches. The contestant had to spend time with other people, and if their watch lit up with the color green the contestants were allowed to kiss their partner and not lose any money. As a prize for watches lighting up the couple was given a night in the honeymoon suite, away from everyone else. The problem with the watches is that once they were introduced it seemed to be all the contestants cared about. They would talk to other contestants, but when they were being interviewed by producers they talked about how badly they wanted the wrist band to light up.


Fans of the show have also talked about how it seems the contestants had no self control. The prize for the show was $100,000 which was to be split between all of them. Each rule break resulted in a loss of money. The lowest the prize ever got was around $43,000. Jowsey and Farago lost most of this money, and their co-stars were not happy about it. In the last episode they were given a chance to earn back the money they lost, by just simply going one night with no physical contact. Jowsey and Farago won back the money which brought the prize back up to $75,000, which was split ten ways. Many fans think the fact that Jowsey and Farago lost $22,000 is ridiculous. Fans have said that as hard as it may be to go without physical contact for a month, it isn’t impossible. The money should have motivated them to follow the rules, and when the contestants lost money they didn’t feel bad about it.Many have said that the show itself is ridiculous and unrealistic.