Summer Plans

I couldn’t think of anything to write about since everything in the news is either about corona or nonsense so I’m going to enlighten you with my semi-uneventful summer plans. Before this lovely isolation began I applied to three different places for work because I gotta get that cash. I applied to 7brew, Devil Den Gift Shop, and Domino’s Pizza, none of which I was super thrilled to work at but you gotta do what you gotta do. When I say I applied right before this happened I literally mean two days before we got let out of school indefinitely. None of them responded because Devil’s Den is on a hiring freeze, I’m not sure if I’m even old enough to work at 7brew, and Domino’s is just being a butt head. I am really just about to start applying to anything I can get my hands on. 


Besides the job frenzy, I plan on doing a lot of mini trips this summer with my friends (with my one friend, but we’ll pretend like I have more) and just driving up to Missouri and Oklahoma for the day. That is only if we ever get out of quarantine. My family doesn’t really have big summer vacation plans this year because we are going on a cruise in September and were supposed to go to Austria over spring break, but that obviously didn’t happen. We are, however, going to Oklahoma City for Memorial Day weekend, woohoo. 


IF, and only if, we don’t get out of this stupid death-like isolation I plan on staying in my room (that I just completely redid which makes it harder to leave it) and rewatching Criminal Minds, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and maybe I’ll even mess around a little and watch the beloved Tiger King again. Other than watching Netflix and Hulu till I die, we have small home renovation projects we want to do. I also might go rip out Kylee’s entire room and redo it and not tell her because that sounds like a whole lotta fun. 


All in all I am about to have either a really fun summer if everything opens back up OR the worst summer of my entire life.