Caught During Mealtime

In Kryvyi Rih Ukraine, 41-year-old Oleksandr stabbed his 50-year-old girlfriend and slit her throat open. He then proceeded to cut off her legs and stuff the rest of her body in a sack. He hid the sack next to a river in some reeds which was only 1600 ft from his house. 1 day after it was hidden it had been found by a father and his two kids that were just walking along the river. When the police arrived at Oleksandr’s house he was caught in the middle of frying her legs up and eating them. 


But let’s get a little more detailed into what happened. Mykola the father of the two children had been walking along the river which the sack was hidden at, they had been looking for a good fishing spot when they had stumbled onto the sack. The sack had contained Oleksandr’s girlfriend whose exposed rear end was sticking out of the sack. He immediately called the police. The police then asked around and the nearby residents quickly identified who she was and gave them the address of Oleksandr her boyfriend. They then ambushed his home and witnessed his frying his girlfriend’s flesh from her legs and frying in a frying pan. According to him, he had just got hungry. He now faces up to 15 years in prison. 


There are many reasons he may have wanted to eat her. Maybe as revenge for something or maybe because he believes that it can solve world hunger as many do. Maybe he ran out of food and needed something to eat that was cheap and affordable, but maybe he really was just hungry. It is possible that maybe he did it for a ritual but it seems unlikely since he killed her and often when it is for ritualistic purposes they are already deceased. For example, some eat members of their tribe that is killed off as an act of revenge. I believe that Oleksandr most likely committed this act because he had a shortage of food which is the most common reason for cannibalism.