Good Things About Covid-19

Covid-19 is the scariest thing most people have seen in their life. Here’s hoping it’s the only scary thing those people and myself see in our life. Although this is a scary disease and the numbers of the infected are just increasing daily, but admits the chaos and fear I’m trying to look on the bright side. Even though I miss my teachers the most and realized deep thoughts in my solitude, the bright side is still there. 


One of the plus sides is the recovery rate. According to Robert H. Shmerling, a Harvard Health Publisher, says that as of March 24th there is a 99% chance of recovery. He also says many are asymptomatic. (Even more of a reason to STAY HOME, WASH YOUR HANDS AND WEAR A MASK WHEN OUTSIDE!!)


Shmerling also says that children are less likely to be infected and even if they do get infected they have a milder condition. This was also stated by the CDC. Children still need to be cautious though because there is a high chance of infection.


He also makes a point that country’s will be more prepared for the next pandemic and I wholeheartedly agree. People are donating thousands upon millions of dollars to help go into research for Covid-19 and now people will start to support the CDC more, wanting to protect their money. People will also most likely push free healthcare now. 


Something else that I’m extremely passionate about is how much the planet is benefiting from people staying inside and not using greenhouse gases. I don’t see many people talk about this and it infuriates me. The World Health Organization estimates that about 4.2 million people a year die from being exposed to high amounts of pollution. I’m sure everyone has seen those cities full of smog and imagine all of that clearing out. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve changed the planet from just staying inside for a few months. I’ll laugh in Trump’s face if he DARES to say global warming is fake after this.


The planet has gotten a lot quieter and dolphins have returned to Italy due to the lack of water traffic and less pollution. Waters are more clear now than ever and it seems like the Earth finally has a fighting chance to bounce back. Scientists right before his pandemic was saying how little time we have left to save Earth. I really hope this opens people’s eyes.