Kingdom Hearts Story So Far Prt. 8

Last time we left off Sora and Riku went back to Yin Sid to see who passed the Mark of Mastery. Riku passes, but Sora fails. 


In order to get the rest of the story in shape we have to go back quite a bit. Which is where Union Cross comes in. At this time in the game all of the worlds were connected and it was the Age of Fairytales. In a place called Daybreak Town there was a guy who was called the Master of Masters. He had a similar fashion choice as the Organization XIII members. This person wrote a book of prophecies with the help of his keyblade No Name. No Name can see into the future, but only in the current place it’s at. 


The Master of Masters goes to his 6 appentances and gives them No Name, a box and each a copy of his book. The only thing is that each copy was slightly different. They learn that there might be a traitor among them.


 They all go their own ways and become Keyblade Masters, passing their knowledge down to others and making more Keyblade Wielders. 


At some point all of these groups go to fight in the Keyblade War and shatter the X(key) Blade into 20 pieces (13 dark, 7 light). 


This game is just a browser/mobile game, but it’s more important later on in the game series. It talks about how Ventus and Marluxia’s (he’s an organization XIII member) somebody’s were leaders of two of these groups and a new creature called Darklings that are heartless made from Keyblade wielders. 


The next game is 0.2 Birth By Sleep. In the game instead of playing Sora, it’s Aqua. It takes place right after the first Birth by sleep when she gets trapped in the Realm of darkness. She travels around Disney worlds that have been swallowed by darkness, fights her doppelganger, Phantom Aqua and sees a vision of Ventus and Terra. She fights shadow monsters and falls deeper into the darkness. She eventually runs into Riku and Mickey. Time is weird in the Realm of darkness so even though Aqua is technically 10 years ahead of Riku and Mickey they’re still at the same point. Aqua fends off a swarm of heartless while Riku and Mickey close the door from the end of Kingdom Hearts I. Aqua is still trapped in darkness even after the door is closed. 


Elsewhere Yin Sid tells Sora, not only did he fail his exam, but made him completely lose all his power. He tells him to go to the Colosseum where Hercules is for some help. To add to this, Axel/Lea and Kairi are Keyblade Wielders now. Now we can talk about Kingdom Hearts III.