Kingdom Hearts Story So Far Prt. 7

We last left off with Mickey meeting with Yin Sid and saying Xehanort is coming back and how they only have one Keyblade master. Mickey suggests they let Sora and Riku become Keyblade Masters. He says yes. This leads to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

In order to become Keyblade Masters; Riku and Sora need to take the Mark of Mastery. This is also the same test Aqua and Terra took. The test depends on the master who is giving it out, so Yin Sid tells Sora and Riku to wake up all the sleeping hearts of various Disney worlds that have been struggling with falling apart and being put back together many times. 

The Organization XIII members that were killed in the other games are now Somebodys, due to Sora destroying both their heartless and Nobodies. It’s also revealed that the X in the Organization XIII members name is called the Recusant’s Sigil; which Xheanort uses to mark who’s in the Organization and see where their location is. This also works on clothing which is how they knew where Sora is throughout the game. He has an X on his shirt. 

A new member of Organization XIII shows up (of course) as well. His name is Young Xehanort. Yes. There is now time travel in this already busy and complicated storyline. To summarize how this all happened Ansem went back in time to Destiny Islands where Xehanort lived as a kid. He met him and gave him basically a time potion to round up all the Xheanorts. In previous games Both Xehanort’s Heartless and Nobody were killed, so he was reformed into his somebody. 

In Birth By Sleep; Xheanort wanted the X (key) Blade to control Kingdom Hearts, but it exploded into seven light pieces and thirteen dark. He then decides to get the seven light shards from the Seven Princesses of Heart: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Alice, Bell, Jasmine, and Kairi. This is what the first game was all about. He was trying to take their power, but the seven shards could also be the Seven Guardians of Light: Micky, Sora, Riku, Ventus, Aqua, and possibly Terra and Kairi (it wasn’t confirmed yet in this point of the game). Meanwhile the thirteen dark pieces are harder to get together, so Xehanort tries to make twelve copies of himself by putting a personal attachment into each of the Organization XIII members (basically Harry Potter and his Horcruxes). This is the whole point of Organization XIII. As his plan started to fall apart, he sent Ansem to get Young Xehanort to make a new and improved Organization XIII; which he calls the Real Organization XIII. Very Creative. The new Organization has Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Xemnas, Ansem, Xigbar, Saix, and six other mystery figures. This only makes twelve, so Xehanort decides he wants Sora to be the thirteenth member. He kidnaps Sora, but before he can turn Sora, Lea (a.k.a Axel’s somebody) swoops in and saves him. (Lea only really cares about Roxas and Xion, but Sora will do for the time being.) Xehanort’s plans get foiled again, then disappears with the other members. 

Sora and Riku go back to Yin Sid to see who passed and who didn’t. Riku passes, but Sora fails.