Kingdoms Hearts Story So Far prt. 6

We left of from the last game with Aqua seeing Xehanort possessing Terra, making Terra-Xehanort (or Terranort for short). Xehanort found out he could possess the darkness in someone’s heart. Aqua fights and defeats him, but he uses his keyblade to unlock his heart and trap Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. This also gives him amnesia. 


Terranort goes on to call himself Xehanort, becomes the apprentice to Ansem the wise, gets his memories back and creates his heartless Ansem and his Nobody. This now leads us to the next game Re:Coded.


This game takes place sometime after we defeat Xenmas but before Mickey’s letter has appeared on Destiny Islands. Throughout all of the games Jiminy Cricket has been following Sora around and documenting everything that had happened so far. Jiminy was about to show Mickey all his data when he sees some writing and messages that are not his. 


Chip and Dale then digitalize the journal and make a digital copy of the book. They also create a digital copy of Sora, Data Sora, to fight the bugs that are corrupting the book’s software. There are of course Disney worlds involved as well as Pete and Maleficent. Jiminy’s journal shows up and strangely turns into Riku as well (somehow.) 


Once all the data is restored Data Naminé reaches out to Data Sora and tells him that he shares a body with many people Hearts. She also says that the bugs where a side effect of her messing with the real Sora’s memories. Data Sora tells all of this to Mickey; which leads him to write the letter that shows up on the shore of Destiny Islands. Data Sora is then turned off.


Mickey meets with Yin Sid and says Xehanort is coming back and how they only have one Keyblade master. Mickey suggests they let Sora and Riku become Keyblade Masters. He says yes. This leads to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.