Kingdoms Hearts Story So Far prt. 5

Last time we left Destiny Island where Kairi and Naminé meet. Naminé tells Kairi that she is her heartless. Everything ties into when Sora released Kairi’s heart. She is a princess of heart so she has no darkness in it, so she isn’t able to make a heartless. She does make a nobody though. It has no body to go off though, so it uses Sora. It now makes sense how she was able to access Sora’s memories. Goofy also isn’t dead anymore. That’s when a letter washes up on the shore, but before we open that envelope we need to discuss Birth by Sleep. 

Ten years Earlier there were three characters: one who looks exactly like Roxas named Ventus, a girl named Aqua, and one named Terra. The three of them are being trained by a guy named Master Eraqus to become Keyblade Masters. Ventus is too young to take the final test, so Aqua and Terra go ahead and take it. Aqua passes the test but Terra fails.

Meanwhile in a place called Radiant Garden, Ansem the Wise is doing research with all his other assistants, who are very similar to the Organization XIII members (because it is them). Kairi is also there with them. She is extremely young at this point in time.

Elsewhere Terra and Aqua use a portal and show up on Destiny island and meet Sora and Riku. Terra teaches Riku how to use a Keyblade, and Aqua teaches Kairi how to use one as well. 

Ventus is still back at where Eraqus is and a person riding a motorcycle rides up and asks if he remembers him. Ventus is confused at first, but the person’s yellow eyes give him away. Ventus had forgotten his past. Before he was working for Master Eraqus he was working for another older guy named Master Xehanort. He is trying to get Ventus to unleash the darkness in his heart to summon the most powerful Keyblade the X-blade. (X in Greek is pronounced Key. It’s a pun.) Ventus refuses though, leaving Xehanort to take his heart by force, forming the motorcycle boy, Venitus. (He looks exactly like evil Sora.) Now Ventus remembers Vinitus telling him to meet at the Keyblade graveyard; which is where a huge battle over the X-blade happened between keyblade users many years back. Terra also kills Master Eraqus. 

Now the three main people go off and fight Master Xehanort and two of his minions (who are later on Organization XIII members). Ventus fights Venitus, Aqua fights Xigbar, and Terra fights Master Xehanort. Aqua wins her fight.  Venitus and Ventus merge and form the X-blade for a moment, but it explodes and Venitus falls into a Coma. His heart then goes over to Sora. Aqua then takes Ventus’s body to the Land of Departure. She uses her Keyblade to turn it into castle Oblivion. She leaves him there to be safe. 

She arrives back to the battle just in time for her to see Xehanort possessing Terra, making Terra-Xehanort (or Terranort for short). Xehanort found out he could possess the darkness in someone’s heart. Aqua fights and defeats him, but he uses his keyblade to unlock his heart and trap Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. This also gives him amnesia. 

Terranort goes on to call himself Xehanort, becomes the apprentice to Ansem the wise, gets his memories back and creates his heartless Ansem and his Nobody. This now leads us to the next game Re:Coded.