Kingdoms Hearts Story So Far prt. 4

We’ve finally reached kingdom Hearts II. It starts with playing as Roxas, who is in the simulation of Twilight Town. He has also lost his memories. He is just living a normal life until Axel shows up and tells him that he’s stuck in a computer and tries to get him to remember his past. He then runs into Naminé who tells him he’s Sora’s Nobody. He’s still confused. Diz shows up and tells him to merge with Sora, and he finally agrees. He then leaves the computer and into Sora who has been sleeping in his pod the entire time. He wakes up and has all his memories back minus everything that happened in Chain of Memories. Mickey shows up in the Organization XIII jacket and says you need to meet up with a wizard named Yin Sid (Disney backwards). They then visit even more Disney worlds on his order. They constantly bump into Maleficent who is now getting accompanied by Mickey’s classic enemy, Peg-Leg Pete. Some of the Organization XIII Members also show up and cause some mischief. An entire sea of Heartless show up and start to attack. Goofy sadly dies, and we get an exposition. 


It’s revealed that there was an old scientist called Ansem the Wise who was doing research on light, heartless, how heartless are formed, and how they’re caused. Ansem the Wise has an assistant named Xehanort. He gets consumed by darkness and makes a heartless which coincidentally decides to call itself Ansem (this is the bad guy in Kingdom Hearts I. He’s not like Ansem the Wise. They are completely different people). Xehanort’s nobody calls himself Xemnas (who is a head member of Organization XIII). 


Axel goes to Kairi and kidnaps her. He wants friend Roxas back and doesn’t want to be a part of Organization XIII anymore. He joins the squad, but he immediately sacrifices himself to help Sora. While Axel is busy fending off Nobodys; Sora jumps through a portal and goes to The World That Never Was. 


When Sora arrives Ansem is there, but it’s actually Riku. He unleashed his darkness and is now stuck with the appearance of Ansem. They go beat up some more Organization XIII members. Diz shows up and it turns out Diz is actually Ansem the Wise. He uses a machine to digitize the sky and it backfires. Diz disappears and it also turns Riku back to normal. Xehanort is upset that his plan has been foiled again. Sora and Xehanort then fight, of course. When you win, you go back to Destiny Island where Kairi and Naminé meet. Naminé tells Kairi that she is her heartless. Everything ties into when Sora released Kairi’s heart. She is a princess of heart so she has no darkness in it, so she isn’t able to make a heartless. She does make a nobody though. It has no body to go off though, so it uses Sora. It now makes sense how she was able to access Sora’s memories. Goofy also isn’t dead anymore. Suddenly a letter washes up on the shore.