Kingdoms Hearts Story So Far prt. 1

Last week I wrote about the 3rd Kingdom Hearts game, but I figured it was best if I explained the entire story of the franchise. Just a disclaimer, this story has some stuff you have to live with. 1) Hearts are not real hearts. They are a person’s emotional soul. 2) Light is good and you guessed it dark is bad. These are both literal and figurative throughout the games. 3) When a character loses their heart or there’s too much darkness in it, they split into two beings called a heartless and nobody. When a person is strong enough there heartless and nobody can become walking talking beings. 3) When a heartless and nobody is both destroyed, they go back together and form the prior somebody. Yes, it is called somebody. 4) There are Disney and Final Fantasy characters everywhere. 

We’re going to start with Kingdom Hearts, the first game of the series. The game begins on an island called Destiny Islands. The three main characters are then introduced, Sora, Riku, and Kairi. They want to go explore the world and see new things together, but heartless starts to come out of a portal. Riku goes through the portal, thinking it would lead him to a new world. Meanwhile, in another world, Mickey Mouse has to leave his kingdom to find Sora. Sora was chosen to be what’s called a Keyblade Wielder, which is similar to how in Harry Potter when the wand chooses its master; only, the wand is a sword in the shape of a key, and it can kill darkness as well as fix worlds. Donald Duck and Goofy are then left with the mission to go find Sora. This leads us to wake up in a town called Traverse Town. Yeah, Sora just kind of went into space for a while and woke up there. He meets Donald and goofy. They form a dream team, so they can find Riku and Mickey. Riku finally wakes up and ends up the Maleficent’s lair. She manipulates him into thinking Sora has replaced him and Kairi with Donald and Goofy, and he believes her. Finally, you go through tons of Disney worlds that don’t matter to the story at all. Eventually, they end up in a castle called Hallobastion and Riku takes the Keyblade from Sora, which leads to Donald and Goofy to switch sides because their allegiance is with the Keyblade. Sora then has a sad road trip with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. They eventually end up in a spooky room where Riku is stationed. Then Sora gives a long speech, and the keyblade goes back to Sora. Then they fight. He then goes on to talk about him being influenced and possessed by a man named Ansem and his goal is to make the world fall into chaos. He needs seven princesses of light and it turns out Kairi is one of them, but her heart is trapped inside Sora. He stabbed himself and freed her heart, which makes him a heartless. She then deus ex machinas that and poofs him back to life. You then give to fight Ansem. After you win, he goes to open a floating door and says how darkness will flow into the world, but it falls back on him when the door is full of light. He dies away and Sora is left to close the door with Mickey and Riku somehow on the other side, which is explained in the later games. This concludes the first game.