Spain is the Fourth Most Coronavirus Infected Country

Spain has become the fourth most infected nation for the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, in the entire world now. This global pandemic has altered everyone’s lives completely. As of Monday, March 16, 2020 Spain has recorded 7,753 cases which is over 2,000 more than what they had reported that Saturday. Spain has quickly surpassed South Korea just over the weekend. Spain has declared a state of emergency and is on lockdown. People are only allowed to leave their houses for food and medicine.


Currently, China still has the most cases, which is where this awful virus originated, they have a grand total of 80,928 cases. Italy is in second place with a grand total of 41,035 cases. Iran is in third place with a grand total of 18,077 cases. Then that puts Spain in fourth place. As of right now the United States of America, our home country, is the sixth most Coronavirus populated country in the entire world. With a reported 11,780 cases as of March 19, 2020. If there is one thing that all Americans can agree on it probably is that this virus has altered everyone’s lives. People are going to the extreme for this from buying products in bulk to not even leaving their rooms. This virus has put our world into a global panic. Plus, everyone being forced to stay home from this virus is extremely bored. 


Now there has been a reported case in our very own Fayetteville, Arkansas. Which is now causing all public schools to close until April 17th. It is also not allowing any sit down restaurants to be in business, only take out and drive throughs are allowed.  


There have been over 20,000 people who have been fined for breaking lockdown laws in Italy.  In Spain, 199 people have been fined for breaking lockdown laws and one has been arrested for breaking quarantine.