Coronavirus Shuts Down Everything

Fear of the coronavirus has overtaken the United States. Companies, schools, and even sports league have shut down and postponed events. 


Apple and Nike have shut down thousands of their stores across the country. Big time gyms such as Planet Fitness and LA Fitness have been ordered to shut down due to the fact that a room full of sweaty people breathing heavily is a health risk. Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, and GM have shut down. People are freaking out so much that everyone seems to be buying a surplus of supplies from Walmart and Costco. Both retailers have had to adjust their hours to allow time to restock on items. A Lot of retail clothing stores including Chico, American Eagle, and Kohls have also shut down. 


Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchins, has ordered that all schools in Arkansas remain closed until after spring break. Kansas Governor, Laura Kelley, announced earlier this week that all schools in Kansas will remain closed for the rest of the school year, and students will do online school. Florida schools will be closed until April 15th. Florida is a big spring break spot, but due to fear of the virus police have started steering people away from beaches in Florida. Spring break in Florida might also be cancelled. A few water parks and public swimming pools across the country have also shut down.


The NBA has suspended all games until further notice. As of March 17th around 7 players have tested positive for the virus. The NCAA has cancelled all of its remaining championship games. The MLB has cancelled the rest of their spring training, and opening day has been postponed two weeks. The NHL has cancelled its season entirely. Golf’s first tournament has been postponed. The Boston Marathon has been pushed back to September, and the London Marathon has been rescheduled for October 4th. 


Symptoms of the corona virus are a sore throat, runny nose, coughing, a fever, and severe difficulty breathing. Doctors suggest that if you have any of these symptoms you get tested right away. Many people think that the virus won’t settle down until June or July when the weather warms up.