Seven Things To Do While Quarantined

The world is basically turned upside down right now. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, schools have closed, restaurants have been limited to takeout only, and purchasing toilet paper is cause for celebration. Americans have been encouraged to stay home to avoid contracting or further spreading the virus. While families staying at home together sounds like a nice time to relax, most are being faced with a major problem: boredom. 

Here are seven things to do while stuck inside.

  1. Turn off the news. 
    1. The media is important. One should be aware of what is going on in the world. However, the constant coverage of the coronavirus can cause a lot of anxiety. Every once in a while, turn the television off.
  2. Paint something.
    1. We all feel a little creative every once in a while. Bust out those old acrylic paints and paint something. It’s fun. 
  3. Watch a movie with your family. 
    1. During this awkward time in history, sit your family down and find a good movie. It counts as quality(ish) family time and you don’t even have to talk. Pop some popcorn and spend some time together. 
  4. Self care.
    1. Do your makeup. Paint your nails. Do a face mask. Watch a sad movie. Light candle. Do something to make yourself happy. 
  5. Clean your room. 
    1. I get it. Sometimes you really don’t have the time to clean your room. School isn’t going to be back in session until April 17th. You’ve got time to clean your room. 
  6. Bake something. 
    1. During all this craziness, maybe don’t bake something that requires a lot of butter or eggs. Those are usually in high demand during situations like this. But find a recipe that doesn’t call for those things and get cookin’!
  7. Dye your hair.
    1. Dye your hair some wild color like purple or green. No one is going to see you for like a month. If you don’t like it, it will probably have washed out by the time school is back in session. 


Be safe. Spend time with family. Try your best to have fun during all this confusion.