Tattoos: Good or Bad?

Ink blot. Beautiful body art. Naked girl on the shoulder. Tattoo. Whatever you call it, it is permanent. Getting a tattoo is a big thing nowadays. A lot of my friends, including I, went and got a tattoo as soon as they turned 18. Getting a tattoo is not bad in my eyes; however, it is a controversial topic around the country. There are also different types of tattoos that people can get that can create an uproar. they can get colored, black, or facial tattoos.

Getting a tattoo can be a controversial thing. Some people use the bible as a reason and explain how God did not intend on permanently ruining your body with useless art. Some just say it looks trashy. I, however, do not care what you do with your body, but you have to know your limit. If you want a job you can’t get 50 tattoos on your arm in plain sight. I would say just be aware before you put something on you, permanently.

There are different types of tattoos a person can get. The obvious ones are black and colored. you can get whatever type of design with whatever color you could imagine. The tattoos that are more popular now are the facial tattoos. This trend started out as If a person went through chemo and had lost their hair they had a chance to have their eyebrows tattooed to their face. Now it’s a trend that anyone uses. Some people believe their eyebrows aren’t thick enough so they get them tattooed. Some men tattoo a beard on underneath their beard for a fuller look. It seems absurd, but people say it has given them self confidence.

In this day and age, self confidence is something that a lot of people value so whether you tattoo something on your body or buy new makeup so you can feel better about yourself it doesn’t matter. Just be yourself. We all love it when you’re you.