This Hits Home

In Iowa last week a bunch of LGBT kids were invited to the capital to watch a bill get passed. The bill was supposed to stop conversion therapy, it’s not known if the bill ended up getting passed or not. The kids weren’t treated so friendly or right even though they were invited there. 


This one hits home for me, a few of my friends were involved in it and honestly, if I had still been in Iowa it would’ve affected me. So I feel this needs to be heard and talked about. The LGBT youth had only been there for 30 minutes and then the troopers had forced them out. The kids were denied from using the restrooms and drinking fountains. This left people almost fainting from dehydration. The teens were surrounded by troopers and they were being misgendered. One person even begged to not be touched by the troopers. They ended up trying to round up any kid who was wearing a rainbow. The troopers got in people’s faces and told them to be quiet. They even threatened teens with being arrested and if all of this isn’t bad enough, people had to go a block down the street just to use a bathroom. Not only were transgender people being kept out of bathrooms anyone who was apart of the LGBT community were being kept out. Teens were left shaking and sobbing and some even had panic attacks. 


Later a woman told everyone that they had every right to be there and that they were grateful that they were there. They were also reassured that people there do love them for who they are. Iowa safe schools are taking care of it all from what I hear. People might end up being fired even. I haven’t heard much on the issue since March 13th but hopefully, it was all taken care of. 


The thing about all this is that no one ever should be kicked out of their capital no matter what beliefs someone in there has. These students and teens weren’t harming anyone, all they did was go there because they were invited and to show support for their cause. They never harmed anyone and all they did was try to use a restroom in a place where everyone should feel safe. The capital is a building that almost shows what a state stands for and they should that they didn’t stand for transgender rights or any LGBT rights. It wasn’t the capital’s fault but it is the fault of their troops, the people they hired and didn’t have a close eye on. I’m not sure who ordered the troops to do that but I hope they get fired for it and the capital takes responsibility for their actions because of altogether this isn’t right.