PGHS Soccer Teams Left Without Proper Facilities

As a Prairie Grove High School athlete, it is easy to notice which sports are “favored.” Whether it be because students are more interested in that specific sport, or simply because they are a winning team. Anyone can agree that each sport should have an equal opportunity to thrive, and progress. Sports and sports facilities can be expensive. But that is what fundraisers and sponsors are for. Soccer deserves proper facilities much like basketball, volleyball, football, etc…

  Soccer at Prairie Grove High School has, in my opinion, done very well the past few years. Our girls and boys soccer team made it to state, although we did not win state, this year looks promising. So why is such a hard-working and seemingly successful team left without a locker room? Other sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball all have their own locker room and I’m not even sure how, “successful” some of those sports have been. All sports need time to grow and improve, but honestly, has soccer not earned a place to change and get ready for practice?

Soccer girls and boys are left with only the school bathrooms to change and get ready for practice. This has caused a slight issue. Soccer, as well as all sports at PGHS, begins at 8th period. Students and soccer athletes are left to fight for the bathrooms as they try to get to their next period. Of course it is not the students fault, they are trying to actually use the restroom before class. That is what a bathroom is for. Meanwhile soccer has no lockeroom and no other place to change. Soccer once even got booted from a specific bathroom, leaving even less space for all of the athletes to change. Imagine about twenty soccer girls in a bathroom that has five stalls, all trying to change and get ready for practice. One can easily conclude that it would be very time consuming for the athletes and students trying to use the restroom.

So what is the solution? Well it would seem that the easy fix would be to build soccer a facility that allows the athletes to get ready for practice. This would solve many of soccer’s “facility” issues. Soccer players would have a place to change, use the bathroom, and possibly have a little extra room to store equipment. For a team who went to state last year and is looking on winning state this year; I feel it is only fair.