Smash Bros. Tips

Have you ever played the Nintendo game, Super Smash Brothers, and got beaten horribly by your sibling, relative, or spouse? Are you tired of losing constantly to your family member that uses some blue haired anime boy with a sword?  Have you tried and tried again to get better at the game, but couldn’t find a good teacher, because your family member said “A good Smash player never reveals his secret?” Well, look no further— this guide will teach you how to utterly destroy any opponent you face, as well as destroy family relations. 

The first step is to get into the proper mindset. Super Smash Bros. is advertised as a party game, to play for fun with your family. But don’t let that fool you. In order to become good at the game, you must throw away any fun you may have connected to the game. “Having fun” and “being good” cannot exist together. Every fight must be fought as if your life depends on it. Along the way, you’ll probably scare away a lot of friends, but if you truly want to master the art of Super Smash Bros., it is worth all adversity.

The next step is to learn the mechanics of the game. Characters deal damage to each other and it is measured by a percentage. The higher the percentage, the higher and farther they will fly when they get hit. The object of the game is to knock your opponent into the Blast Zone, which is basically off of the screen, away from the stage. Of course, the default settings for a game of Smash is a timed match, with items on. These will skew your progress, since items can kill your character in ridiculous and fun ways. Again, “fun” must be eradicated to become a pro. You’re going to want to turn off items, and change the battle to be a “stock” battle, meaning each person gets a set number of lives.

Finally, you must choose a character, and master them completely. Each character has a move set with various different moves, combos, and alternations. For example, on the Nintendo Switch’s version of Smash, either the left or right button will be what pros call “neutral attacks.” These are the regular punches and kicks. These can be easily strung together to form combos, either on the ground or in the air. They also have alternate forms, such as the “Nair,” or neutral aerial, which can be performed by pressing the left or right button (whichever the attack is bound to) in the air. If you jump in the air, turn the joystick behind the character, and push the attack button, you can perform a “back air,” or backwards aerial. 

Along with neutral attacks, there is a stronger, but usually slower form of attacking. These are called “smash attacks.” These can be performed by holding down the bottom button on the controller, then pressing the attack button. Usually, these attacks deal much more damage, but they also are slower to perform and recover from. Most pro players will tell you to string these into a combo with neutral attacks, but I assure you, if you just use the right joystick and aim it towards your opponent, your smash attack will hit them at some point.

The last pieces of a move set are the “grab” and “shield” buttons. This is self explanatory. One grabs, and from a grab you can perform a combo, and one gives you a shield, so you don’t have to take hits (until it runs out). But perhaps the most important buttons are the left set of buttons on the controller, also known as the “taunt” buttons. Each character gets at least three taunts, which are basically emotes that you can use to humiliate your opponent when you take a life from them. With all of this in mind, you are all set to become a pro Smash Bros. player. Remember, always try your very best, and don’t have fun!