Someone Tell Mike Bloomberg to Shut Up

Mike Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City and billionaire, has decided that he is going to run for the Democratic nomination and “Stand Up to Trump.” Bloomberg is a Grade A idiot. Bloomberg, through his billion dollar ad campaign that is growing majorly stale, is claiming to be a “down to earth, hard working bro,” which you can tell by looking at him is not true. 


Mike Bloomberg, while running America’s crown jewel city, enacted some of the most ridiculous laws you could imagine. Bloomberg opposed legalization of weed in New York, and still does nation wide, which is pretty ridiculous considering Arkansas just legalized it medicinally. Bloomberg enacted the “Stop and Frisk Law” which gave NYPD officers the lawful ability to willy-nilly stop and essentially harass any guy they saw on the street, which shocker, most often happened to be black guys minding their own business. However, Bloomberg’s saving grace law that everyone loved was his “Soda Ban.” Of course I’m being facetious, everyone hated the soda ban law and Bloomberg lost his re-election because of how ridiculous it was. 


Along with Bloomberg running New York like a failing business, the reason he shouldn’t be president is because he’s acquainted with Trump and every other New York, mega-rich aristocrat, which I find to be a major problem. An uber-rich president that most likely will not look out for anybody but himself and the other one percent is not at all what this country needs. I understand that Bloomberg is successful and wealthy, trust me I’ve seen plenty of the ad’s, but really that is not what the country should be looking for in a president. 


What Bloomberg is doing by running and throwing in his literal billions of dollars, which he said he wasn’t afraid to do, is adding to an already packed Democratic ticket that doesn’t need him. He is skewing the party lines and will most definitely screw up the votes. What the party needs to do is align with someone and get behind a single person to win, what Mike Bloomberg is doing is ruining the already slim chance of that happening, which is majorly messed up and upsetting.