The Unappreciated Treasure that is Mr. Arrick

Of all the teachers present in Prairie Grove I believe there to be one that is a proud example of not only a good teacher, but one that possesses the ideal teaching style that should be adopted by the United States school system. It is, of course, Mr. Arrick. Over the past few weeks I’ve heard negative opinions about Mr Arrick saying that he is a “bad teacher” or that he doesn’t know how to teach correctly; however, I see this him as quite the opposite. In my curiosity I decided to consult some friends about other student’s opinions on the teacher and even though I may have not found the majority of people’s opinion a majority of students do have a negative opinion Mr. Arrick. But this led me to question why he is indeed a great teacher and why his teaching style is in fact genius.


To begin, Mr. Arrick possesses a more individual style of teaching which I believe is how schools should operate instead of the more collective approach. Being in his coding class, I found it that Mr. Arrick teaches students to be more independent in their research findings often reminding kids of how he overcame a problem by researching it. Although students may find this as lazy teaching I see this as what every teacher should be leaning towards as it gets students into the habit of doing research instead of getting everything done for them. Mr. Arrick also seems to understand how college and the real world works, as demonstrated in his advanced teaching methods. Even his goal, which was explained to me, was to get students to do it on their own so they develop a desire for coding as he also elaborated on how students need to be motivated in order to pass a class.

Apart from his individualistic style to teaching, Mr. Arrick also possesses a great personality. This personality is expressed through the various clubs and after school activities like robotics and E sports, and overall respect. If there is one misconception I see it’s that students disrespect teachers in general. I believe all teachers are deserving of respect because they all decide to protect and educate students.


Overall I believe Mr. Arrick to be a great teacher. I can see why people may dislike him because of his teaching style and maybe attitude, but ultimately I see it differently. Also take into consideration that he is a young teacher so should connect better with students one would think. However nonetheless Mr. Arrick should be more appreciated for the work he does.