A Little Girl Abducted By Her Own Mother

3-year-old Madeline Mejia went missing, she was abducted from her driveway by a stranger. On a Monday morning Lester Mejia put Madeline in the car but forgot his keys inside so he ran in to get them. While he was getting the keys he heard her scream, when he got outside to see what was happening Madeline was being driven off in a car with Texas tags. Madeline was gone, she had been abducted but that story wasn’t completely true. Madeline had been found within hours and she was only 200 miles away, she was with her mother. Lester Mejia lied about what happened to the cops, he was scared that he would never see his daughter again so he told the abduction story in hopes that it would help him recover his daughter. Madeline wasn’t even kidnapped in their driveway, she was taken while Mejia was at work. Mejia had known that Madeline was with her mother but when he originally called the cops they said that they couldn’t do anything, that there was no crime if the child was with her mother. He made up the story so he could get his daughter back. The mother was her biological mother but she did not have legal custody of her. She says she didn’t take Madeline by force though. She was arrested along with her boyfriend for interference with child custody. 

In this case I do agree with Mejia, it was wrong that he made up the story but what else was he supposed to do? The cops wouldn’t have done anything otherwise and he most likely couldn’t have gone to the mother to get her back. It takes a lot for a court to decide that a child shouldn’t see one of their parents so she had to have done something pretty bad, bad enough that he wouldn’t want to confront the mother to get his daughter back. I think maybe part of it was kidnapping in a way, Madeline could have been in danger. Technically it was an abduction, even though the daughter wasn’t taken by force. She is so young that she couldn’t have made the choice. A little kid will just go with anyone especially her mother, I don’t really think she would know if someone is bad or not. So technically the daughter was in a way taken by force because she wouldn’t have known that  she shouldn’t have or that her mother wasn’t safe. So I think his story was almost correct in a way and not just a story he made up. I think what they got charged with is well deserved and maybe they should’ve gotten worse.