Senior Night

Last night Prairie Grove High School hosted its 2020 Senior Night for its seniors. It was honestly one of the best nights I have personally ever lived. Our manager, Breyden Clark, who hasn’t been able to play at the competitive level due to a medical condition he has was able to live his dream by being able to be apart of the starting five and drain a three pointer, as well.


It was an amazing moment, not just for Breyden but for the community of Prairie Grove and the Prairie Grove basketball team. All of my respect goes to the Gravette team who just surprised me with the way they reacted and treated Brayden. Once he hit the shot the Gravette team got all excited and then went over to the Prairie Grove bench and showered Brayden with loads of love and hype. 


With a start like that, we had to do everything in our power to end the game with a win, not just for our record, but so the game Breydan played in would be a game we won as well. To end the first quarter, we honestly were playing some of the best ball we’ve played in awhile. Going up on Gravette 16-9. However, in the second quarter it seemed that everything went wrong, no shots were going in and we just couldn’t get the ball moving or out of Gravettes hands. Gravette ended the first half on top 21-20. 


Once halftime ended and the second half began, it was over for Gravette. Prairie Grove went on a 6-0 run to start the quarter and ended up finishing with 14 points in the quarter and only allowing 8 points to be scored against. But that didn’t stop there, the fourth quarter had Prairie Grove written all over it. Scoring a whopping 27 total points just in the fourth quarter alone, but even more impressively only allowing for 5 points to be scored. Prairie Grove just in the fourth quarter outscored the Gravette Lions by 22 points. 


As I said before, I knew Prairie Grove would win just so we could allow Breydan to have more things to celebrate. The ending score would finish to be 61-33, with all of the 7 seniors (who was able to play, respect towards Cole) had scored and would be ending their basketball careers with a final win on their home court.