“The Slow Rush”

Tame Impala’s newest record “The Slow Rush” released last Friday on Valentines day. I stayed up all night Thursday night to listen to it, and I was not disappointed. The album, while still sounding like Tame Impala, is fresh and different. 


For a little background, Tame Impala is a band, but it is essentially just an Australian artist named Kevin Parker. Parker plays every instrument and records the vocals, and on top of that produces every song for every record. Only when Tame Impala is on tour does it become a “band.” When they are on tour he most often brings in a group of his friends to play what he has created. There are many a video around the internet of Parker tediously recording a single instrument and re-recording, and so on. Tame Impala hasn’t released a record in four years. Their last record “Currents” was one of the biggest albums of 2016 and was deemed a revitalization for the rock and roll genre by many music critics. So when Parker announced this record in October of 2019, everyone, including myself, collectively lost their minds.


So, the album starts with the song “One More Year.” This so happens to be my favorite song on the record as of right now. It is a synthy “gay club” type of song that will have you absolutely vibing. The song is way out of left field for Parker, who is an avid hater of modern pop music like that. Parker yearns to be a pop star though, just not in this era. The next couple of songs were released as singles earlier in the year. “Posthumous Forgiveness” is my personal favorite out of the three singles that were released. The song is slow but has sudden bursts of energy throughout and then transitions into a poppy late night driving song at about the two minute mark. I have been listening to this song for about two months now and haven’t grown even a little weary of it. This is good considering the theme of the entire rest of the album is pretty similar. 


Most of the record is poppy, but in all the right ways. Parker is just a master of his craft and will most likely continue to come out with instant classic albums such as this one for a very long time. In all, listening to this album in whole is an experience in it of itself, and something that I’d most definitely reccommend to anyone I passed in the record store.