Kingdom Hearts Story So Far prt. 3

This now gets us to the next main game, Kingdom Hearts II. This game starts off with a completely different kid, named Roxas, but in order to understand his deal, we need to take a quick diversion to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (which came out about four years after Kingdom Hearts 2). If you can recall from KH1 Sora killed himself to free Kairi’s heart, turning himself into a heartless, but that also made a Nobody. He wakes up in a place called Twilight Town. He is then found by a hooded figure named Xemnas. Xemnas welcomes him into a group called Organization XIII. He is then given the name Roxas. He introduces him to all the other people Luxord, Demyx, Saïx, Xaldin, Xigbar, and the other members from Chain of Memories. This game is going on at the same time as that game as well. 


Roxas then goes on tons of journeys and gets close to one person, in particular, Axel. They become very close, but Xemnas tells the group some stuff is going down at Castle Oblivion. A few of the members run over; which is how Chain of Memories is tied into this game. 


As this is going on a new member pops up, the fourteenth member of Organization XIII. Her name is Xion, and she has no idea who she is. It turns out she’s a replica of Sora created by Xemnas using the memories that Naminé took from Sora just in case Roxas decided to rebel against Xemnas. Thanks to Naminé, Roxas also got some of Sora’s memories. Xion goes off to try to find herself and what’s going on, but Xemnas kidnaps her and reprograms her to attack Roxas. If Xion defeats Roxas the Sora will never be able to get his memories back. When Roxas defeats Xion she tells him that he needs to merge with Sora and defeat Xmas. Roxas is completely lost and confused. Riku shows up and tells Roxas he needs to come with him to go to Sora. Roxas refuses and then Riku puts him into a computer simulation until he agrees to go to Sora. Which leads us finally back to Kingdom Hearts 2.


 It starts with playing as Roxas, who is in the simulation of Twilight Town. He has also lost his memories. He is just living a normal life until Axel shows up and tells him that he’s stuck in a computer and tries to get him to remember his past. He then runs into Naminé who tells him he’s Sora’s Nobody. He’s still confused. Diz shows up and tells him to merge with Sora, and he finally agrees. He then leaves the computer and into Sora who has been sleeping in his pod the entire time. He wakes up and has all his memories back minus everything that happened in Chain of Memories.