Kingdom Hearts Story So Far prt. 2

We’re just going to immediately get into the next kingdom hearts game, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. This takes place directly after the first game. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are now looking for Riku and Mickey because they saw them on the other side of Kingdom Hearts (aka. The door Ansem opened in the last game). Then a hooded figure arrives and starts to give a speech about memories.


 The trio then continues their journey and ends up at a place called “Castle Oblivion”. Sora makes his way through, fighting tons of those hooded figures, and they take off their hoods to reveal their identity.  Sora beats them up one by one, but one survives, Axel (he’s important for later on). The further Sora goes into the Castle the more Sora loses his true memories and they get replaced with fake ones. He starts to remember someone who looks like Kairi, but she has blonde hair and slightly different features. Her name is Naminé. Sora decided it might be best to find her since that’s all he seems to remember.


  After more fighting, Sora reaches Naminé and she admits to stealing Sora’s memories, telling him he has to go into a pod and go to sleep while she restores them. Sora obliges and gets into the pod. The only catch is since he goes to sleep he loses all his current memories so really this entire game is pointless and only is used to introduce new characters and kick off the storyline. 


Meanwhile, Riku and Mickey leave Kingdom Hearts and Riku wakes up in Castle Oblivion, meeting all the hooded figures Sora fought. Later it’s discovered they’re all part of a group called, Organization XIII (more on that later). Riku also finds a replica of himself. They fight (of course) and then come in another new character named Diz (he’s not important yet). Mickey and Ruki soon find each other and Mickey decides to teach Riku how to control his darkness better. 


Really, this game is just a way for the storyline to be introduced and add stuff they never got to in the first game. The characters are important and critical to the story, but Sora doesn’t even remember any of this stuff. It still doesn’t make complete sense, but as the story progresses the more intricate and fascinating it gets.