Dentist Found Guilty on 46 Counts

A dentist in Anchorage, Alaska, was caught on camera extracting a patient’s tooth while on a hoverboard. This information was received from the Alaska Department of Law. The forty-six charges that the dentist received were felony and misdemeanor charges. He was charged in Anchorage Superior Court on Friday by the Judge Micheal Wolverton. The dentist had a five-week bench trial. 


In 2017 the state filed a lawsuit that charged Dr. Lookhart with “unlawful dental acts”. His patient care had supposedly not met the state’s professional standards. He has ,on numerous occasions, done things that were unprofessional, so the fact that he was reported should not have been a surprise.


One of the things he did that was extremely unprofessional that got him reported and charged was his performing a tooth extraction. The patient was sedated, and Dr. Lookhart was filmed while standing on a hoverboard. The Dr. later sent the video to a handful of his friends. 


The Alaska Department of Law later cited from cell phone records that Dr. Lookhart said that performing on a hoverboard will be a new “standard” form  of care. He was also charged with a few other things other than not treating the patients in the proper way. He billed Medicaid for procedures that really shouldn’t have been justified, or the procedures weren’t necessary. He snatched 25,000 dollars worth of funds that were meant for the Alaska Dental Arts program that they have. 


Dr. Lookhart was eventually only found guilty of these things because of himself. His own phone records and texts were not helpful to him in court. Things on his phone were mentioned in detail, thus proving him guilty of all the wrongful actions he did. 


Lookhart’s attorney pleaded not guilty on all counts, and then he refused to comment on anything on Sunday. Lookhart is expected to be sentenced on the date of April 30th. Many of Lookharts’ old patients testified against him in court, which also provided a lot of evidence against him and his case. The girl whose tooth was pulled testified that she never agreed to have him video her while undergoing the procedure.