Cardi B For President

When you hear the name Cardi B, you probably think of one of her hit songs, or her infamous saying “okurr”. Although the rapper made her debut in 2011 on the show Love and Hip Hop, she’s made an even bigger name for herself in the music industry in 2017 with her hit song Bodak Yellow. In the past couple years the rapper has been in the spotlight for both good and bad things. She’s been involved in a few cheating scandals, a very public feud with Nikki Minaj, and in 2018 she gave birth to her daughter. However, her most recent pursuit has left many people questioning her intelligence. Last week Cardi B tweeted that she was planning to run for Congress, and that she would really like to be involved with politics


Since Cardi B tweeted that she’s also been talking about all the amazing ideas she has. She’s been actively expressing her disappointment and anger with Donald Trump and the current American Government. “I think I want to be a politician,” tweeted Cardi B. “I really love the government even though I don’t agree with Government. ”Although her interest in politics seems sudden, she said that she’s actually always been interested in history, which is where her love of politics comes from. Her high school history teacher confirmed this. He went to social media and tweeted that in highschool she took an AP Government class and that he’s proud of her for using her platform to talk about this.


If Cardi B were to go into politics I don’t think she would be taken seriously. Since she rose to fame she hasn’t had the best reputation. She had a very public feud with rapper Nicki Minaj, and this feud resulted in a fight where Cardi ended up with a huge bump in her head. She also tweets about drinking pee. In 2019, she became the first female to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album. Many celebrities went online to say that she didn’t deserve the award. In the past couple of years the rapper has had a lot of controversy and backlash, and her announcement that she wants to go into politics only made people question her more.


Many people think that Cardi B is a great rapper, but she isn’t the smartest. Honestly, I can’t see her as a politician. The way she has portrayed herself the past couple of years makes me think that she was made to make music and entertain people. I think she should just stick to her music, and raise her daughter. She may know what she’s doing and she may have some good ideas, but no one will take her seriously.