Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl is set to be one of the best Super Bowls that has happened in a while, San Francisco 49ers v.s. Kansas City Chiefs, two-star quarterbacks facing off each other, Jimmy Garoppolo v.s. the emerging talent Patrick Mahomes. This year the Super Bowl will be hosted in the beautiful city of Miami Gardens, at the Hard Rock Stadium, which is used for major college games such as the Orange Bowl. One of the most important aspects of the Super Bowl is the half-time show, which once again will be hosted by your favorite beverage, Pepsi. The half-time show will consist of two major Latina entertainers, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, two artists who are very popular with the latino community, so it makes sense that Miami, who is very highly populated in the latino community, would have two popular Latina artists perform. 

Now onto the matchup, will it be good? Will it be like it was last year and be a boring game? Personally, I don’t think so. I feel like the ball won’t be dead much, that there will be continuous action happening, yes the 49ers defensive is one of the NFL’s top defenses, but the way Mahomes picks apart defenses he’ll easily be able to get the ball moving. However, I think due to the fact that the Chiefs have such a weak defense, it’s going to cause the 49ers to own the ball, or have possession of the ball much longer than the chiefs, which inturn will allow for them to assert their dominance on the offensive side. It will allow Garoppolo to “do his thing”, meaning he’s going to make big yards plays and get the 49ers in the endzone. 

How do I think the game will shape out? I think that it will be a close match throughout the first three quarters of the game, but once the fourth hits the 49ers will go into overdrive, and really break away from the Chiefs, leaving the 49ers Super Bowl champions. Which, being from Arkansas and growing up watching the University of Arkansas, would be dope due to the fact that the 49ers have one of our players on the defense, Dre Greenlaw, and unlike the majority of Razorback players who make it to the league, his has a pretty major role in the 49ers defense.