Coronavirus in China

Fears of a pandemic are spreading by cases of Wuhan Coronavirus being reported across China and some in the western United States. The virus started spreading in December at a seafood and meat market in Wuhan, China. As of January 27, 80 people have passed due to the virus. Seventy-six of the deaths happened in the central province of Hubei, and almost 3,000 people have obtained the virus. Washington state confirmed the first patient with the respiratory virus in the U.S. There are five reported cases of Wuhan in the U.S., and around the same number in countries like Taiwan, France, and Canada.


The CDC is closely monitoring any progress of an epidemic, and the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced citizens should wear masks. Most of the cases have been on the 60 and older population and but youngest reported case is a nine- month- old girl. Two confirmed instances of Coronavirus have been reported in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Authorities in Wuhan plan to make a thousand bed hospital for the outbreak. 


Additional screenings are being held for passengers traveling through airports, including New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta arriving from Wuhan, China. Travel restrictions have been put in place in many Chinese cities surrounding Wuhan, which will affect hundreds of millions of people. Buses, ferries, flights, and trains are being held at Wuhan. Lockdowns are covering citizens that would make up around the population of Spain. Some experts are worried about the five million travelers that left the city of Wuhan before restrictions were imposed.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the possibility of patients’ being contagious before symptoms are apparent. Symptoms are pneumonia-like, according to China. As the country tries to halt the spread of the virus, their approach has received backlash on the controversial quarantine. President Trump tweeted on January 24, thanking President Xi for China’s hard work to contain the Coronavirus and that, “The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency.” Another response was from Pope Francis describing China’s response a, “great commitment by the Chinese community.”


Beijing wants people to refrain from joining public gatherings amid the Spring Festival. The announcers did not comment on the virus outbreak. Parts of the Great Wall are down and Lunar New Year events as well. New year festivals over China have been called off. Seven blockbuster films that were supposed to be out in theaters soon have postponed their releases, encouraging China’s movie theaters to close. In Wuhan’s province, Hubei, schools planning to open after the holiday are waiting for instructions from health authorities on when to start back. Shanghai has closed its Disneyland Park and the Chinese Basketball Association is postponing their games until February.The World Health Organization hasn’t announced a global public health emergency, but its director stated the decision may change in a matter of days.