Gender Equality has Fallen in the U.S.

According to a poll taken in 2018, 80% of Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution ensures equality in men and women, which is far from the truth. Women didn’t receive the right to vote until 1920 and it took nearly 50 years for laws to pass to ensure equality at work after that. 


Congress formed an ERA in 1972, which states equality regardless of gender, that failed to make to the 38 state ratification that it must pass in order to change the US Constitution. Now the ERA is now being brought back up to try and claim Virginia in its corner, because Virginia is known to be a majority democratic state since the 2019 elections. 


The only thing in the way is the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel which has argued that the deadline for the ERA to pass has expired. Regardless of its deadline this ERA needs to pass for the wellness of our country and the JDOLC fails to see that. Recently, there has been a study conducted showing that the US is one of only 28 nations that is not providing explicit guarantees of equal rights OR non-discrimination on the subject of gender. 


 Now, the US is globally behind 165 other nations in constitutionally protecting women. Constitutions from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe has since been changed and all have had a special spot inserted for women’s rights, and equality for all. The fact that America is behind on such a deep subject shows that the topic isn’t in our government’s mind at all. 


Women have constantly asked to be treated equal since 1869, and they have made significant changes in the minds of not only American’s but also other countries as well. Yet, we are still having to fight to be equal in our own jobs, in which we have to work in, in order to survive. So, it’s basically a “go to work and be treated less equal then a man, or don’t go to work and be homeless or dead.”