Iran v.s. America

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about President Trump sending U.S. drones over to Iran, to assassinate Iranian Major General Soleimani and an Iraqi militia leader. Iran has since made threats to retaliate, and pose an attack back on America. 


If you’re like me, wondering how all of this started to begin with, Iran and America have never really had a good relationship. Ever since the Islamic Revolution and the takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran, the U.S. and Iran have always had beef with each other and this all happened four decades ago. I mean talk about holding grudges. 


A brief description of the Islamic Revolution is when the Iranian government collapsed entirely on February 11, 1979. Now, you may be thinking, that is awful.. but what does that have to do with America? Well first off, it wasn’t a bad thing to most Iranian citizens, in fact many families were seen dancing in the streets and ransacking liquor stores while being constantly shot at by lingering pro-government sharpshooters that were aiming at them from rooftops of nearby buildings. Now onto how this has anything to do with America. 


In this time, forty years ago, Iranians were seeking a better life. The only way this could happen is if Iran gained freedom from the United States. That is where America comes in, America basically owned Iran, and Iran still holds on to that even forty years later. Also, Iran took over an American Embassy located in Tehran, which obviously America was heated about. 


So, now that we are all caught up, recently not only has Trump killed their top war general, but Iran has sent 10 missiles over to an U.S. army base. Though they killed no one, it is still sort of nerve racking knowing that if they were just a little bit to the right, so many people could’ve died. 


Basically, Iranians still hate America for what was done to their ancestors, and both America and Iran are more than likely going to continue going back and forth until probably the end of time. Until somebody shuts the other one down completely, we will continue to be on our toes constantly in fear that something could go down at any day.