Color’s Day spirit week

   This week in the halls of Prairie Grove High School it looks like everyday is Halloween but with a specific theme. There are people who dress full out and have a lot of fun and then there are people who don’t dress up at all but have fun looking at the others outfits. The week of January 12th through the 17th is Colors Day spirit week. The pom and cheer teams were in charge of deciding what the themes for each day was.


   We really didn’t have any arguments because if someone said a funny or easy theme then we mostly agree and majority won. Monday’s theme was jersey day which was super easy and could be made cute for the girls that were worried about that. I’m not sure how we are going to pick a winner but we’ll leave that up to our coaches.


   Tuesday was cowboys vs. aliens. There were way more cowboys than aliens. I saw two cowboy outfits that I thought were the best. Emily Traylor brought her own saddle to go with her outfit and Kade Mitchell was wearing a square dance like dress with a felt hat that could fit a family of rabbits in it.


   Today, Wednesday, is VSCO girl vs. frat boy. Most of the outfits that I have seen are frat and most of them are girls dressing as the boy, but I have also seen plenty of boys with their colorful scrunchies and hydroflask. We basically all just decided to dress as the opposite gender because it is all for fun and prizes. The best girl that is dressed as a frat is Sam Blosser; she even put makeup on to make a fake beard. I haven’t seen a boy that is dressed as a VSCO girl that is my favorite but they are all fun to see.


   Thursday is, in my opinion, the second easiest coming behind jersey day, camo day. Prairie Grove is a small town that has a LOT of people that hunt so camo day is mostly going to be boys and girls in their hunting gear. There are girls that don’t hunt, like me, but have a variety of cute clothes with camo design. So tomorrow will be a mix between cute and fashionable and yee-yee country.

   Then Friday is the classic black and gold which I think everyone should dress for even if it is just a t-shirt. Spirit week is meant for people to have fun and show spirit for their school. Friday is also the day that everyone gets to see the court in their beautiful day dresses at the afternoon pep rally. Most will go at night to see the other dresses. All of the girls are going to be beautiful and everyone is very excited to see who gets queen. As a senior, this is my last spirit week ever and I have been determined to dress up everyday and I’m excited to see everyone’s outfit throughout the rest of the week.