Pete Buttigieg Should Win, But He Won’t

If you were to thumb over the deomcratic candidates for the upcoming presidential election, the obvious choice for most would, and should be, Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, Indiana. If the reader is unfamiliar Pete is the moderate option for the Democrats. He is a perfect blend of progressive democrat and religious moderate. He tiptoes the line with near perfection, and it would seem that if he were to be nominated by the DNC he would be able to pull voters from the right and defeat the incumbent president. 


Personally, I believe he is the obvious choice. This is not only because of his near perfect synchronization of ideals to mine, but also because of the lack of “star power” that the rest of the field has. Biden and Bernie are old and have been in politics for too long, and the two women, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, aren’t gonna be able to go toe to toe with the current misogynist president. Buttigieg though, is a fantastic orator, and a veteran, and a gay. These three things alone almost guarantee that he is much better than the current president, aside from any kind of policy. 


Yet his policies are immaculate as well. Though he is a devoted Christian, Buttigieg backs hot topics like abortion rights and other things that most Christians don’t support, and his more progressive ideas, aren’t too progressive to where they scare the moderates and possibly republicans off. 


He honestly seems like a slightly younger and gayer Jack Kennedy. He’s a Veteran so he understands domestic disputes and can handle them, he’s charismatic so he can handle the opposition in Washington, and he just very much seems like a down to earth guy that has some good ideas. 


I’m not going to be surprised when he doesn’t win though. I’d be very surprised if Pete won, even though he is by far the best candidate. America is not ready for a gay president yet, and that’s just how it’s going to be for a while. Gay marriage wasn’t even legal until around eight years ago, and even then it was a Supreme Court decision, not a populus decision. Most hardcore conservatives lost their minds and acted like the world was ending when a black guy took office, so I couldn’t even imagine the reprocussions of a gay president.