Pro Taco Bell

Where do you normally go when you want a quick on the go taco or burrito? Taco Bell duh. Taco Bell is very efficient when it comes to fast food. They are not only fast but the quality of food is most of the time very delicious. Some hate but many love Taco Bell which can be seen throughout the world. 

Taco Bell first opened in 1962. It was named after the founder, Glen Bell. Bell owned a golf course, hot dog stands, and other ventures before thinking about tacos. His stands were located near a mexican restaurant and he later asked them to teach him how to make tacos, burritos and other kinds of food. The tacos were originally 19 cents, but the chiliburgers and tostadas were about a dollar. Around the 80’s, Taco Bell got rid of the chili burger which upset some Americans. Bell got rid of the beloved chili burger because it did not fit the ‘look’ of the Taco Bell franchise. 

The real question is, does Taco Bell pass the Hispanic test? No it does not. It is fast food so of course it is not going to be like a sit down mexican restaurant. I think this is part of the reason some people dislike Taco Bell. However, according to the harris poll, Taco Bell is America’s favorite “mexican restaurant” according to the new survey. This proves that Taco Bell is superior. 

One enjoyable part of Taco Bell is their ‘famous seasoned beef’. A fun fact for you is that their beef is actually only 88% beef. In 2011, Taco Bell went to court for only having 35% beef in their meat. FDA said that was under the limit so they had to change their meat. The suit was dropped after they changed the beef percentage to 88%.