We didn’t Start the Fire

Twenty-Five people and 480 million animals have died. Locals are furious as the Prime Minister kicks his feet back and watches the fires engulf his country. He’s using the chaos to make a profit and get money from people who want to help, so Australian’s are left to fend for themselves.


The Prime Minister set fireworks off on New Years as the fires were roaring. No one wanted fireworks. It was foreign people who came to Australia and protested that they wanted to see fireworks. That’s why he said they could do fireworks, to keep foreigners happy.


Many Australian people said they feel abandoned by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Over winter break he went to Hawaii even though the fire was spreading quickly. Firefighters everywhere have had to fight the fires on their own with no government funding. The people have been left to fend for themselves.


For example, the Irwin family has treated over 90k animals that have suffered from the fires. The Irwin family owns and works at a Zoo in Sydney. They have been taking care of animals in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. 


Many people have raised money to help the cause, and many celebrities have donated millions of dollars to the cause. A girl named Kaylen Ward raised over 700k by sending nudes to anyone who gave proof that they donated and helped the cause. 


Lots of people have raised money for the fires. Although, what the Labour party did was set up a ‘donate’ button on their website and instead of the donation going to charity for the fire, it went straight to the Labour party. They’re using the fire as a means to make money for their own political group.


My boyfriend, who is from Australia and is dealing with the devastation, says that the government and the prime minister needs is dedicate money to the firefighters and people suffering because of the fire. That would help firemen get the right gear and it could go to sanctuaries for the space they need.