The Horrifying Truth about Our World

Last Monday in California, a shooting happened at Saugus High School. Survivors say “I’m not surprised the shooting happened” which is very upsetting. Another thing that is upsetting is that there was rarely any news coverage about this shooting. The main headlines on Fox and CNN were all about how politically incorrect Donald Trump is, however, I believe it is politically incorrect that two teenagers died and no one knows about it. The fact that some students were not surprised the shooting was going to happen proves that no one seemed to care which is what the news media is basically demonstrating. Whether it be an infant, child, or adult everyone’s life matters. Just because there was not a high body count does not justify the pain that their friends and family have gone through. 

The news media does not cover interesting stories that actually matter, instead they create uproars about chicken sandwiches, the president, and random celebrities. The news has not stopped the cover of Donald Trump’s impeachment for three months. The popeyes chicken sandwich blew up the media everyone laughed when they brought it back because they came back on a Sunday, in contrast to Chick-Fil-A’s hours. They even covered stories about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore getting a divorce and finding out they are now pregnant. Oh boy, what a wonderful thing to know! 

Another thing that drives me insane is that most people today do not even see the issues with social media and news unless it is about their opposite political party. Who cares if one republican says this or one democrat says that, we should be more worried about the health and protection of everyone in your community. 

Whether it be a school shooting, a suicide, or a massacre the news should be covering their story. It is unfair to the locals who don’t get any remorse for their loved ones who have passed.