Frank Ocean

This past week, artist Frank Ocean released what many believe is a single that he has been holding onto for a while. The song, named DHL, is a drugged, psychotic, dream that Frank takes you on. Halfway through the track Frank completely changes the beat and flow and starts rapping. While rapping isn’t the thing Frank is most known for, he most definitely can do it. Frank spits methodically in a monotone voice over a “shallow beat.” 


The track has garnered a lot of attention, not because it’s an outstanding track necessarily, but because of the reclusiveness of the artist. Frank, unfortunately, keeps an extremely low profile, doing very few interviews and releasing very little music. However, many speculate that he is releasing soon. A reocurring lyric throughout the song hints at something of Frank’s “coming soon.”


Franks prior two albums attracted a lot of attention from both fans and critics. His first studio album, “Channel Orange,” came out in 2012 and blew everyone’s socks off.  Yet it seemed like Frank didn’t appreciate all of the attention. After the release of Channel Orange Frank went almost completely silent, only doing one interview and releasing no music; until 2016 that is when he released his second album, “Endless.”


“Endless” wasn’t EXACTLY an album though, it was actually a “visual album.” Ocean released this album for the sole prupose of getting out of his record deal. He felt confined and trapped in his deal with Def Jam Records, so he found a loophole in the contract and exploited it. Then one day later he released his third album on his own label. Ocean’s “Blond” released to instant critical acclaim and was quickly proclaimed as a classic.


Now, almost four years later, everyone us still eagerly awaiting what Frank is to do next, and this “DHL” single is a very good sign. One could only hope that this single is an indicator of whatever he has coming up next sounds like.